Mission Control Center (MCC)

Mission Control Center (MCC) is a highly specialised facility that serves as the nerve centre for monitoring, commanding, and coordinating the operations of one or multiple satellites. It plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of space missions by overseeing and controlling every aspect of satellite operations throughout their lifecycle.

At the heart of the MCC, a team of skilled and experienced engineers, scientists, and operators work diligently around the clock. They are responsible for monitoring the health and status of the satellites, analysing telemetry data, and responding to any anomalies or unexpected events that may arise during the mission.

One of the primary functions of the MCC is to maintain constant communication with the satellites. Through a network of ground stations equipped with antennas, the MCC establishes bidirectional communication links with the satellites in orbit. This allows them to send commands to the satellites and receive telemetry data in real-time. The received telemetry data contains critical information about the satellite’s health, attitude, position, power levels, and various onboard systems.