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Access best-in-class weather data to achieve maritime operational excellence

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Optimize ship routes and planning

The open oceans are at risk from the elements of nature and can induce severe weather events that harm your maritime assets. Using Spire Weather forecasts by route or Risk Insights or tapping into the hidden value of our Historical maritime weather data can reveal the safest passage for your sea journey. Knowing the weather along a specific path will help you:

  • Avoid losses worth millions of dollars from cargo lost at sea
  • Safeguard your vessel against damages
  • Protect your crew and all onboard

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Add value to E-navigation

Reliable weather data helps you improve ad-hoc decision-making and increase efficiency as they play a pivotal role in the reduction of sea margins and in the development of marine e-navigation.

You can use weather data within your e-navigating software to:

  • Increase safety, provide improved ETAs, and situational awareness
  • Fuse and analyze historical weather with ship tracking data to develop intelligent neural networks and routing engines

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Improve fuel consumption models

Reduce your fuel costs and carbon footprint by not just optimizing your sea route but by calculating the amount of fuel that will be utilized on your journey. The latest current, wind and wave insights can help you:

  • Save thousands of dollars worth of fuel by adjusting your route
  • Improve your ETAs at ports and not reduce your carbon footprint

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Enhance port operational efficiency

Have contingency plans ready for potential vessel traffic and delays caused due to weather conditions. For instance, storms could cause slowdowns before and surges after their occurrence. Arm yourself with weather forecasts optimized for ports to achieve operational efficiency.

Investigate/verify insurance claims

Inspect and examine insurance claims by studying historical weather data by trajectory of the case in question. You can analyze the weather conditions against the route taken and understand what may have gone wrong. Weather data will reveal the story to you and allow you to make the right decision.

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We’re a specialist company that does remote sensing, so we know the value that satellite technology brings to the table. This is why we’re so happy Spire provides such data points using satellite technology as it covers the entire world without any gaps. Before, the level of accuracy was only 75% but now with Spire’s integration, it’s gone up to 95%.”

Rishikiesh Sapre
Co-founder – Mantle Labs

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“The Spire Weather Forecast excels for open ocean weather forecast accuracy. The level of development and speed of innovation that Spire is putting into its models continues to impress us.”

Nick Olsen
Marketing & Business development manager – Predictwind

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“Weather routing has the potential to drive greater efficiency and emissions reduction as open-ocean conditions greatly impact performance. Partnering with Spire Weather puts genuinely market leading data into the hands of more users allowing them to enhance vessel performance.”

Soren Meyer
CEO – Zeronorthx

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