Unifying terrestrial and space-based RF Intelligence with CRFS and Spire

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In a rapidly evolving contested electromagnetic spectrum, how do we leap ahead?

Watch our webinar

The answer lies not relaying on a single RF intelligence source but in seamlessly integrating space and terrestrial sensors it for enhanced precision and speed.

Watch the recording and discover the groundbreaking potential of combined RF data from SPIRE and CRFS. Witness firsthand how this Space and Land synergy can revolutionize intelligence targeting, streamline coalition operations, and position our EW/CEMA forces for the challenges of tomorrow.

Tune into the recording and:

  • Explore the transformative benefits of breaking traditional RF data silos.
  • Dive into real-world scenarios, including the hunt for war criminals in Sudan.
  • Discover smoother, more efficient allied spectrum operations, unhindered by data classification.
  • Get an exclusive look into the capabilities of SPIRE and CRFS when their data works in tandem.

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