Webinar: multi-objective algorithms for voyage optimization and vessel performance

Watch this webinar now to learn about the power of multi-objective algorithms for voyage optimization and vessel performance.

Multi-objective voyage optimization algorithms are computational methods designed to solve complex optimization problems in the context of maritime transportation. These algorithms aim to find optimal solutions that simultaneously optimize multiple conflicting objectives, such as minimizing voyage duration, reducing fuel consumption, maximizing cargo load, and minimizing emissions.

The algorithms employ mathematical models and optimization techniques to explore the trade-offs between these objectives and generate a set of Pareto-optimal solutions, where improving one objective comes at the expense of another.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • The challenges driving the global maritime industry to embrace technological innovations
  • How satellite-powered maritime weather data is superior to other sources of data
  • Side-by-side comparison between single and multi-objective voyage optimization algorithms
  • Why it has become necessary for the maritime industry to integrate solutions and data to reach its goals

*This presentation was originally given to the audience of Spire Weather’s webinar held on Thursday June 29, 2023 in partnership with The Digital Ship.

Chris Manzeck

Christopher Manzeck
Product Director

Peter Mantel

Peter Mantel
Chief Commercial Officer

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