Better ways to use weather data for routing – why the shortest route isn’t always the most efficient

Watch this webinar to learn why the shortest shipping route isn’t always the most efficient.

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Today, a forty feet reefer ship costs almost six times more than a normal container vessel. Despite this, countries such as China have surpassed the European Union and the United States in food imports totalling $133.1 billion. The USA alone imports upto 30% of its fruits and vegetables.

All this points to the increasing reliance of long distance cold chain transportation and consequently, the importance of forecasting fuel consumption for cost optimization.

Watch our webinar and understand how:

  • To save 2-7% of your vessel’s total fuel consumption
  • To obtain 97% accuracy in fuel predictive analytics
  • To help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 90,000 tonnes

Chris Manzeck

Chris Manzeck
Meteorologist and Weather Sales Engineer
Spire Global

Luc Terral

Luc Terral

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