Harnessing the power of weather data to decarbonize the global maritime industry

Watch this webinar now to learn how Spire’s maritime weather solutions are transforming the global maritime industry.

Weather disruptions affect all parts of the global supply chain, including shipping as 80% of international trade is still transported over the high seas. Therefore, it has become crucial for the shipping industry to anticipate future weather patterns and utilize this knowledge to make data-driven decisions at every stage of the supply chain.

Maritime weather forecasting has significantly improved over the past ten years, keeping pace with the development of maritime software. As new carbon emissions regulations become enforced, there is a new imperative for the maritime industry to combine weather and operational data to attain decarbonization and safety objectives.

Watch this webinar to see:

  • How climate change is affecting the fuel consumption and safety of maritime shipping vessels
  • How accurate maritime weather data can make shipping vessels greener, safer, and more profitable
  • The underlying space technology powering Spire’s maritime weather solutions

*This presentation was originally given to the audience of Tech 4.0’s Shipbuilding & Lifecycle Technology virtual event on February 10, 2023. 

Maikel Laukens

Maikel Laukens
Global Maritime Solutions Manager

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