4 reasons why weather forecasts can be tricky after 15 days

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Is it possible to reduce the margin of error in weather forecasting? Download our free white paper to learn the 4 top reasons why weather forecasts can be unreliable after the 15 day mark.

Free white paper

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • How to create a reliable weather forecast and the importance of observing accurate initial weather conditions
  • What the challenges to collecting weather observations are such as limitations in weather modeling systems, gaps in observational data, the inconsistent quality of the data collected and constant fluctuations in weather that trigger changes
  • The value of Spire’s satellite technology powered by machine learning algorithms to create accurate weather forecasts

What our customers say



“Rocket launches are extensively pre-planned for a specific outcome, where the launch window is calculated based on the location of the destination on its orbit. Weather events have a direct impact on the actual mission itself, therefore are monitored frequently within the site region. We expect that having access to the Spire Point Optimized Weather forecasts will increase our chances of performing a safe launch, leading to a successful mission, even in the most remote locations.”

Lloyd Damp
CEO – Southern Launch

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“We’re a specialist company that does remote sensing, so we know the value that satellite technology brings to the table. This is why we’re so happy Spire provides such data points using satellite technology as it covers the entire world without any gaps. Before, the level of accuracy was only 75% but now with Spire’s integration, it’s gone up to 95%.”

Rishikiesh Sapre
Co-founder – Mantle Labs

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“If you work in shipping, you know that weather is of the utmost importance as it can make or break your journey. Spire’s data and analytics give us insights into weather patterns in the far reaches of the ocean to ensure our customers have the best route to get to their end destinations faster, safer and in a more fuel-efficient manner.”

Tom Sandberg
CEO-Gale Force

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