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Over 110 Nanosatellites powering your business with Earth observing data to predict environmental change and optimize your path forward. Spire owns and operates an extensive network of ground stations around the globe for record speed downlink of satellite generated Earth data.
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Spire Global goes public on New York Stock Exchange

Spire Global, Inc. is now publicly listed (SPIR). Learn how Spire’s nanosatellite technology and space-based Earth data is rapidly growing.

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Spire Global satellite constellation still

Eliminate blind spots from the ultimate vantage point—space. We build customized datasets using our unrivaled radio occultation technology to gather information from every point on Earth, combine them with trustworthy supplemental data sources, and enable data-driven decisions across the enterprise with easy-to-use APIs. Reduce cost, optimize efficiency, and fuel innovation faster than your competitors.


If you could see the entire picture, predict imminent issues, and take action confidently—what would you change?

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Industry solutions

Maritime AIS data

We’re revolutionizing how marine data is collected, analyzed, and delivered. Get detailed information on vessel locations, weather conditions, and global shipping activity—even in remote locations on the open ocean. Our innovations around AIS data and high traffic zones solve the toughest industry challenges, while our intelligent APIs bring new insights to your maritime operations.

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Weather data

Spire collects detailed, real-time weather data from every corner of the planet to help you optimize operations and make fully informed decisions. Our combination of ground and satellite data provides greater visibility into weather patterns at each layer of the atmosphere and across the Earth’s surface, even in remote parts of the ocean and high-altitude regions where weather is notoriously hard to predict.

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Aviation flight data and ADS-B tracking

Spire Aviation is a reliable source for historical flight data, ADS-B tracking and detailed weather data that makes aviation safer and more efficient.

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Space Services

Get superior data for your initiatives without building your own space-based infrastructure from scratch. Commission custom-manufactured nanosatellites based on our proven LEMUR 2 Nanosatellite model, launch hosted payloads to get your own hardware reliably to orbit, or simply rely on Spire’s space-to-cloud data services that collect and transform rich data about the earth, its oceans, and its atmosphere and share it via easy-to-use APIs.

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Spire government solutions provide mission-critical satellite data to drive global and US Federal government and defense initiatives. Our APIs and tailored datasets provide highly accurate maritime, aviation, and weather data, giving you actionable intelligence about Earth, its environment, and its global shipping and aviation activity.

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Earth Intelligence

Spire Earth Intelligence gives you access to environmental data in unprecedented detail. We constantly collect and enrich information about surface data, weather patterns, atmospheric monitoring, and hundreds of factors that can affect the way we interact with our planet. Spire satellites collect information over 10,000 times a day to power custom predictive models that help you understand exactly what’s happening on Earth at any point in time.

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Space-powered data

Space-powered data anticipates and solves your toughest challenges

Spire collects, analyzes, and enriches information gathered from our custom constellation of satellites, using it to create a priceless repository of insights not available anywhere else. Customers rely on our industry-leading hardware and intelligent analytics platform to affordably drive decision-making, from setting internal strategic direction to building tools of the future for their own user base.