Get information and insights more quickly through Spire’s knowledge base

At Spire, we want to make sure you have easy access to information that helps you work more effectively. That’s why we’ve set up this knowledge base, making our most important documentation more accessible for customers.

We especially want to help you kick-start projects faster and get onboarded with our systems more quickly, so that you can focus on developing innovative products and solving your key business challenges. The knowledge base provides a single place to get all your questions answered quickly and easily. We have worked to structure our information more clearly, and to provide additional ways for you to interact with it, to experience how Spire data can support your business. From tutorials to help you bootstrap your projects, to quick access to our API documentation, our knowledge base will help you to gather the information you need to progress with your latest project faster.

What to expect from the knowledge base

Through the knowledge base, you’ll also be able to see the data in action: the way it can be adapted to your project requirements or translated onto maps for more visual insights. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to extract the insights you need from it. Through multiple playgrounds, live code examples and other tools, such as Jupyter notebooks, you can get hands-on experience of the data and how it can be used in a variety of situations.

And this is not just for aviation professionals with a technical background. The information has been developed to ensure it’s accessible for everyone, from experienced developers to those who are new to the industry or have a lower level of data literacy.

our vision

Making information accessible for all

For developers who implement solutions with Spire APIs on a regular basis, the knowledge base will make it easier for you to access vital information more quickly. For beginners, the tutorials in the knowledge base include explanations and step-by-step guides on how to achieve your desired goal. The articles are broken down in a way to help those with less experience set up a basic environment to create a proof of concept.

The tutorials available in the knowledge hub cover a range of use-cases. From simple CSV exports of our endpoints, to a more complex visual interface in a web browser, to incorporating Spire data using serverless solutions such as Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services.

As our product range develops to meet your growing needs, more use-cases will be covered in the tutorials, helping you to implement Spire data more easily in production.

Helping you take action from insight

We are excited to be able to provide an enhanced experience for people interested in our data. Through the knowledge base, we aim to reduce the gap between learning about our data and actually working with it, making it more accessible to a broader range of people across the aviation industry.

We also realise how important it is for the success of your projects, to have timely access to key information. So, we will continue to add new content. This will help make our data easier to access, and reduce the time you need to spend on putting it into action.

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