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Spire Global is a space-to-cloud analytics company that owns and operates the largest multi-purpose constellation of 100+ 3U nanosatellites. Spire Federal enables government customers to address their mission challenges through our portfolio of global maritime, aviation and weather data solutions as well as our hosted payload and custom nanosatellite services.

Spire Space Services is designed to accept and host new payloads quickly, allowing for an incredibly fast rollout of new capabilities. Spire’s launch schedule allows for new sensors to be launched in around 6 months. The Spire cubesat is fully qualified with over 300 years of cumulative spaceflight heritage.


Spire Weather provides supercharged weather data and forecasts. We leverage GNSS signals to collect large volumes of atmospheric data used to improve weather forecasts, as well as measure soil moisture, sea ice, and various other Earth properties. Spire also produces a proprietary global high-resoluton weather forecast with over 50+ discrete variables.


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Spire Maritime provides global AIS coverage with optional advanced analytics through a simple API call. Spire Maritime’s mission is to become the global leader in capturing, mining, refining, and analyzing AIS vessel data and information. Our AIS data enables global coastline surveillance and law enforcement as well as regional insight such as in the Arctic.


Spire Aviation is a global aircraft tracking system free from the limitations of ground-based air traffic surveillance. Now, aircraft can be reliably tracked over oceans and remote regions. Spire ADS-B data can be used to ensure safe delivery of personnel and resources as well as flight planning and route management.



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The Low Earth Multi-Use Receiver (LEMUR) is Spire’s 3U or 6U CubeSat platform used to track maritime, aviation, and weather activity from space.

  • We operate the world’s largest RF sensing fleet and are the largest producer of radio occultation and space weather data
  • Our data provides a global view with coverage in remote regions like oceans and poles; all data can be refreshed within 15 minute cycles
  • We are continuously launching improved sensors and upgrading them in-orbit
  • We turn ideas into live feed from space in as little as 6-12 months

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Ground stations



Total Launched: 150+

Dimensions: 10x10x34.5cm (3U)or 10×22.6×34.5cm (6U)

Mass: Up to 6kg (3U)/12kg (6U)

Power: Deployable Solar

Altitude: 400-650 km

Lifespan: 3 1/2 years


Ground Stations

Deployed: 30, 70+ antenna systems

Locations: Global

Projected: 35-40 total stations

Frequency Support: UHF, S, X-band

Each cubesat is designed to receive commands from a ground station and downlink the telemetry and data store onboard the satellite as it passes over ground stations.


Active Frequencies: For TT&C, Spire uses the UHF-band. For data downlinking, Spire uses the S-band and X-band.

Passive Frequencies: Spire passively monitors and measures the refraction of GNSS signals to derive weather data.

Other Frequencies: As part of our hosted payload services, Spire can work with customers to license additional frequencies (0.1-10 GHz).

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