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Our customers constantly amaze us with their innovative approach to industry solutions and out-of-the-box ideas to build a better planet. This month’s Innovative Customer Spotlight is on UniSea, a software and consultancy house that has been delivering market leading HSEQ and operation support software to vessels and companies worldwide for over two decades.

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Located on the west coast of Norwary, UniSea’s main office is in the beautiful town of Skudeneshavn, an area that has a strong connection to the ocean and a long history of shipping. UniSea’s results and portfolio are impressive, and includes modules for procedures and manuals, checklists, incident reporting, PTW, audits and findings, Risk/SJA, ISPS, 14001, fuel reporting, daily reports, tender and contract management, and more.

The Partnership-Way

UniSea’s shipping-IT experience, industry focus, and partnership-way of doing business makes them a truly unique software company. They work closely with their customers to create Software that helps them with their day-to-day operations, fulfils demands and is user-friendly and efficient.

UniSea stands out from competitors in many ways, one of which is that although they do not tailor code (as this complicates production and increases cost), they make configurable options that are shared among all their customers. Their customers select based on their needs of how it should be installed. UniSea Software can either be on a modern, online shared Cloud platform or a segregated solution involving separate servers on each vessel replicating design, configuration and data to/from shore.

Above and Beyond Results with Customers

UniSea prides itself with a broad software and customer portfolio. Their customers range from small companies with a few vessels to large companies with big fleets. In addition, their customers have diverse business segments, varying from offshore, cargo, passenger transport, LNG and defence.

Achieving even better than expected results is always rewarding. Amongst many others for UniSea, this reward came with the Norwegian Coast Guard and Naval Defence. Knowing that their Software, developed for the offshore industry, is now running on the Coast guard and Naval Defence vessels shows that UniSea has indeed created a flexible, secure system that fulfils some of the highest demands in the business.

These results and confirmations are not uncommon for UniSea. For instance, a customer might be looking for a fix on a specific need by purchasing one or two of their modules but ends up investing in the entire software portfolio.

Company Culture Matters: Building Strong, Active and Dynamic Teams

Unisea teamWith social get-togethers, mountain hikes, movie nights, and family gatherings, the team at UniSea is bonded, with a robust workforce that shares the same aim and understanding of the team and the company.

All development at UniSea is done in-house, which makes a huge difference and serves a great importance. It improves workflow and keeps the development of the Software a tidy and efficient matter. UniSea Product Owners work closely with Key Accounts Managers as they are the customers’ main contacts and thus have a finger on the pulse regarding their daily and future challenges. UniSea’s IT department service runs IT and Communication on more than 150 vessels, providing the necessary information and insight into the challenges on board.

“As Product Manager in UniSea, my primary focus is to maintain our Software’s functionality and structure and don’t compromise on our ideals and principles. I also find the balancing between creating new functions and maintaining existing ones crucial. I find these important and inspiring aspects of my job, and I am confident that we are successful in this matter.

My involvement with UniSea started more than 20 years ago. My initial experience with UniSea comes from a customer perspective from when I worked on an Offshore vessel. I worked with the software both as a vessel user and an office admin/user during this time. This experience proved valuable when I later started working with R&D for UniSea. As the Product owner, I must have a deep understanding of our users’ needs and a clear vision of further development of our software. My background from an offshore vessel and my interest in the maritime industry, in general, help me focus on what our software is, what it can be and what it should solve, now and in the future.”

Stian PaulsenStian Paulsen
Product Owner

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