FPGA Engineer


Are you passionate about space? Do you want to be part of a fast-paced, high functioning team that knows how to work hard and play hard? Is FPGA development something you are passionate about? Spire Global is seeking an experienced FPGA Engineer.

Your key responsibility is to drive the design, development and integration of FPGA-based functionality for satellite RF payloads and communication systems. This includes implementing high-performance signal processing algorithms and integrating it with third party IP as well as in-house hardware and software. You will work closely with engineers in a multidisciplinary environment across multiple locations and contribute to both ground and in-orbit testing and subsystem evaluation campaigns.

Responsibilities Of The Role:

  • Working with DSP engineers to implement algorithms for processing various types of digitally modulated signals, targeting high-performance RF payloads and high-data rate communications systems
  • Working with SW engineers to offload CPU intensive tasks to FPGA
  • Working in a multidisciplinary environment to integrate, test and debug FPGA implementations with in-house HW and SW 
  • Using simulation and/or hardware-in-the-loop testing to verify correctness and performance of algorithm implementations
  • Implementing and testing functionality to interface with embedded software and hardware such as RF front ends, sensors, communication buses and shared memories
  • Supporting development of  FPGA test software and software drivers for production use
  • Supporting the on-ground testing campaign through all phases, including test planning, execution, analysis and debugging
  • Supporting in-orbit validation and maintenance

Basic Qualifications/Experience:

  • Demonstrated solid experience of FPGA design, implementation (Verilog and/or VHDL and/or HLS) from scratch
  • Demonstrated experience of verification, integration of FPGA designs with HW, SW and third party IP blocks and debugging in both HW and simulated environments
  • Software development experience in C and/or C++ and Python
  • Experience with test equipment such as logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, VSGs, VNAs etc.
  • 3+ years of experience required

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Xilinx SoCs and tooling, including Vivado High-Level Synthesis
  • Embedded systems development, particularly targeting Linux on ARM-based platforms
  • Familiarity with Yocto, board support packages, device trees, kernel drivers
  • Software-Defined Radio experience (e.g. GNU Radio, USRP)
  • RFNoC experience with Ettus platforms
  • Communications theory including Shannon limits, high data rate communications, hardware and software related signal techniques, and a strong mathematical foundation
  • Good understanding of RF communication signal design techniques (e.g. modulation, encoding, filtering)
  • RF modem design and implementation (GMSK, QPSK, APSK, 16APSK, QAM, PPM)
  • Experience with satellite communication systems, including environmental and component reliability requirements
  • Experience with machine learning algorithms and convolutional neural networks, particularly for signal processing applications. 
  • Experience with hardware testing and fault-finding at bench level, environmental level (EMC and thermal vacuum testing) and spacecraft level.

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