AIS data applied to dry cargo

How Shipfix uses Spire AIS data to generate powerful trade flow insights in one easy to use interface.

Shipfix Case Study AIS Applied to Dry Cargo

Generate Powerful Trade Flow Insights in One Easy to Use Interface

Shipfix is revolutionizing the way the maritime industry analyzes dry market cargo

This groundbreaking data and community platform streamlines commercial and operational processes between stakeholders in the Dry Bulk and Break Bulk maritime markets. Shipfix works with global enterprises looking for greater operating efficiencies and market insights.


Maritime professionals receive thousands of unstructured emails each day from which market insights and conclusions are drawn.

Shipfix saw an opportunity to reduce risk, save time and decrease costs by utilizing machine learning to scan market insight emails. Shipfix extracts key data from emails allowing users to filter market insights based on preferences, including tonnage, open dates, open/load areas, cargo specification, and vessel types.

“Shipowners, ship operators, and charterers operate by combining three separate sources of information to develop their strategy and thousands of emails need to be sorted daily to find market insights. We realized there had to be a better way.”

Antoine Grisay
Co-founder & COO (Shipfix)

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Shipfix partnered with Spire Maritime to offer AIS data and market insights in one API.

How it works:

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Emails are analyzed

Up to 2M emails are processed and analyzed

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Cross-referenced with AIS data

We process 1.5Bn AIS messages/month

High quality market insight

Vessels Combined data is processed to deliver key market insights for traders and analysts in one easy to- use interface

AIS data allows Shipfix users to track vessels in real-time and analyze global trade flows for commodities and products. AIS data also provides global shipping route information for commodities including seasonal trade patterns and economic cycles.


Shipfix is a comprehensive platform for dry bulk chartering operations as it collects metadata about ships, voyages, commodity flows, ports, and bunkers in one place.

The platform delivers AIS data and raw Dry Bulk market insights together in an innovative and modern way. Each month, billions of vessel positions are intersected.

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