Transparent shipping of perishables thanks to AIS tracking data

Dockflow combines real-time temperature data with accurate location tracking through AIS data to provide the perishable goods industry with greater transparency.

Dockflow Case Study

Transparent shipping of perishables thanks to AIS-data

Dockflow is a platform for maritime logistics service providers specializing in shipping perishables (goods that spoil quickly and have a short shelf life, such as fruit and vegetables). In this sector, data loggers that track temperature and location are widely used. By combining real-time temperature data with accurate location tracking AIS-data, Dockflow was able to provide 80% more location coverage on shipping routes.


Shipping perishable goods in the most customer-friendly and safe way possible by creating a track & trace system that combines AIS-data and temperature data to:

  • Provide real time, end-to-end container visibility with AIS-data to compensate the loss of the data loggers’ GSM signal
  • Accurately forecast the estimated time of arrival (ETA) with continuous location monitoring


In the perishables industry, it’s crucial for shippers and freight forwarders to have a real time overview of the cargo’s location at all times.

Vessel delays are common, inevitable, and information about delays are rarely communicated. In many cases it’s only when the ETA has passed that freight forwarders and shippers learn there was a delay.

Shippers and freight forwarders rely on shipping company information and on the location data they retrieve from the data loggers. Data loggers are an amazing solution to combine temperature data with a time and a location stamp.


More Location Coverage

“In logistics the difference is made by the quality of the data, and with Spire we can trust the data to be accurate and realtime.”


Dashboard showing Alerts, ETA and Arriving soon



Logged data combined with AIS data


Our clients were challenged by this lack of shipping information and could only guess when a container full of precious cargo would arrive.

This resulted in great inefficiencies in the delivery chain. Now we’re able to offer our clients full transparency of the shipping process by combining AIS-data, shipping updates and temperature data. All this information is captured in the Dockflow platform which allows shippers & freight forwarders to analyze the performance of shipping companies, the average deviation of ETAs on routes, and have peace of mind!

The platform notifies users of changes in the ETA and ensures that the ETA is as precise as possible.




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