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How Spire Weather unlocks critical data for wildfire risk evaluation index.

About Quiron

Quiron Digital is a company specializing in remote and automated monitoring of crops and forest, anywhere in the world. As part of this service, they provide fire risk monitoring for prediction and mitigation of wildfires.


Quiron’s goal is to precisely forecast the risk of wildfire for the following 7-days with high spatial resolution (between 10 meter and 1 meter) anywhere on the planet. To achieve this goal, Quiron developed a proprietary AI algorithm to predict the risk of wildfire in an area using different data sources about the region, including geographic and vegetation variables, historical weather data (to train the wildfire models), and a medium range weather forecast to predict the wildfire risk.

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The challenge Quiron faced was having access to high-quality data in remote locations.


Spire Weather unlocked critical weather data enabling Quiron Digital to produce a high resolution wildfire risk zoning.
Spire delivered high-quality weather data in remote and under observed areas of the country, including:

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  • Historical weather data to train fire-prediction models
  • Weather forecasts powered by Spire’s proprietary radio occultation to inform their Fire Weather Index predictions

“Spire was a game changer in our application, the weather data provided was easy to use and considerably increased the accuracy of Quiron’s algorithms. In Portugal, before Spire, Quiron used a combination of ground weather stations and other weather data sources. Using data from Spire, we improved the resolution and quality of the data in remote locations and it allowed for a 30% increase in accuracy of fire risk zoning.

Diogo Machado
CMO, Quiron

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A more accurate risk zoning thanks to Spire’s detailed and interoperable weather data


increase in accuracy of fire risk prediction with Spire Weather


wildfire risk correlation with Spire Weather

Near Term Wildfire Forecast for 7 days

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September 2020

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October 2020

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🠺 More precise and accurate fire risk prediction
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