24 hour Global Vessels

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This is a plot of all ships reported through the Spire Vessels API with a last reported position in the last 24 hours. Note, this is using Vessels API, so it only reports vessels with consistent static information to identify the ship and does not report duplicate MMSI reporting ships.

Data statistics

Breakdown of position reports by source. 34% satellite AIS and 66% from terrestrial AIS.
Indicating that 35% of the fleets most recent position reports were from satellite AIS.

38% of ships most recent reports were received within the last 68 minutes from the time of extract at 14:08.

The chart below shows how many position reports were received in each of the preceding 24 hours. Starting with the oldest hour to the left. 19% of vessel updates in the last 8 minutes, 19% in the previous hour 13:00 – 13:59 and then the rest in the preceding 22 hours. The chart shows the day and the hour when the last position was reported.

Hourly Frequency by Ship Type

This chart shows the hourly frequency of when a vessels last position report was received by AIS reported ship type.

Note: Snapshot taken at 14:08, the largest number of vessels last reported at 14 then 13, 12 etc.

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