How Spire’s approach to constellation services gets your idea into orbit

Looking to take your operations to scale with proven and reliable technology? Here’s an insider secret: It’s not about the number of satellites you have. It’s about customizing them to work together-as a constellation-with a provider who specializes in network efficiency, data productivity and business continuity.

Spire is pioneering the concept of space as a service. We are vested in perfecting the end-to-end journey for our own data solutions-and then offering that same production magic to our customers.

In this webinar, we’ll explain how our proven constellation platform is turning our customer’s ideas into reality in less time, with less risk and a clear roadmap for growth. You’ll learn about the innovative technology that allows us to operate multiple types of payloads, provide software defined constellation design to meet each customer’s unique needs, and make improvements without interrupting ongoing operations.

Learn first hand from our customer Myriota, a provider of satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT), about how they are leveraging Spire’s constellation to accelerate their service deployment timeline and expand the Myriota network.

Our Speakers:

Dan Isaac

Dan Isaac
Business Development Executive
Spire Global

David Haley

David Haley
CTO and Co-founder

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