How maritime data builds efficiencies

Maritime use cases:

Carriers increase investments in maritime data to reduce costs and stand out in commoditized markets, and compete in a profit-tight economy.

As Margins Tighten, more data is Needed

Look for carriers to increase investments in maritime data to improve their operations in an attempt to stand out in commoditized markets and compete in a profit-tight economy. As goods shipped at sea continue to grow, carriers, ship operators, and chartering companies will rely on technology for better timing to ports, more efficient routes, and greater fuel economy come into focus.

As profit margins tighten there isn’t room for delays in travel time, port arrivals and pile-ups, or fuel waste. Operations require highly efficient planning with no room for error in order to turn a profit and maritime data can provide them with such a plan.

Let Data Tell the Story

Our data tells many stories. Here’s just one example our maritime data captured: We caught the decline in tanker traffic at US ports as the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

AIS tracking of tankers

Tanker traffic in US Gulf Ports

Read the full COVID-19 data story and download the data set here.

Lost Ships Are Already a Thing of the Past

Spire Maritime launched Enhanced Satellite AIS earlier this year allowing ship owners and operators to track their vessels in deep ocean waters out of the range of terrestrial AIS especially where high traffic can cause signal loss. Spire Maritime launched the world-first innovation that uses thousands of satellite-enabled AIS receivers traveling throughout the busiest shipping lanes in the world to positive customer reviews. Enhanced Satellite AIS provides an unprecedented frequency of position updates in areas that are out of the reach of terrestrial collection and overwhelm other satellite AIS providers. This means more AIS messages, more unique MMSIs, and greater control of ship operations. From mapping the most fuel-efficient routes to plotting supply and demand based on ship location, ship operators can fine-tune logistics to optimize revenue.

We also added Enhanced Satellite AIS to our Vessels API allowing ship owners and operators an even greater uplift in position reports and an easy to use API with constant support provided by their engineering team.

Investors Have Taken Notice

Commercial operation software and vessel management software are quickly becoming an interest of maritime investors for their ability to track, plan, and predict future movement in busy shipping lanes and ports. Spire’s Enhanced Satellite AIS, when layered with terrestrial and satellite AIS, allows ship operators a constant visual with frequent tracking updates so port arrivals can be better predicted.

We also announced a partnership with maritime AI technology firm VesselBot to co-develop AI-enabled digital maritime solutions. Plans are in the works to combine Spire’s AIS tracking data, weather data, and other services with VesselBot’s domain knowledge and technology expertise.

Old Methods Are Becoming Obsolete

Old operational methods have become increasingly obsolete with the implementation of new regulations and compliance issues and the necessity to decrease costs. Combining separate sources of maritime data with a manual process to determine functional optimization is both time-consuming and has a high margin for error. Satellite tracking and Digital tools that aggregate large volumes of maritime data allow quicker more informed decision making and drive greater efficiency and profitability.

New, Premium Data Samples

Spire also offers industry-focused, premium data set downloads. These data samples are tailored to specific industries – oil, fishing, dry bulk, container, and liquid gas vessel tracking. Our premium data sets are an easy way to experiment with our data and see first-hand the impacts data and predictive analytics can have on your business. Contact us for a custom data sample or for more information about our data, services, and resources, we’re always happy to help.

The Future is Digital

Look for Spire Maritime to announce additional partnerships and new solutions to build visibility for maritime market insights and digitize many aspects of the maritime industry. Focusing on solving key maritime challenges with data remains the focus of Spire Maritime’s operations. Contact Spire Maritime today for more information on partnerships, services, and customer support or download a free data sample.

Download a free sample

See Enhanced Satellite Data in action in the South China Sea.

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