Enhance your maritime data application with accurate weather forecasts

Spire Weather for Maritime integrates with maritime data platforms to provides accurate, reliable and global weather forecasts in easy to use APIs.

The maritime industry is rapidly understanding how to leverage weather forecasts in their intelligence applications. When it comes to fuel consumption, wave height, and other variables are useful and when looking at cost saving factors, e-navigation, storm tracking, and port weather all affect your bottom line.

Weather forecasts contain many variables, which make choosing a forecast provider a complicated task. Choosing the right provider for your needs is essential to getting data you can use to achieve your goals. With the right provider, weather forecasts not only enhance your applications with improved transparency, they also can be applied to advanced analytic solutions resulting in better fuel consumption and reduced costs.

At Spire Maritime, we created a maritime specific bundle to make sure you receive only the variables you need to ensure your weather forecast is enhancing and supporting your solutions. If your use-case is specific, we can provide more than 70 unique data variables and build a custom bundle delivered through our easy-to-use APIs.

Choose the right provider for your business goals

Your weather data should be easy to use, improve the accuracy of your analytics, and continuously innovate to stay ahead of the competition. Weather information can be complex, so it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the many weather variables available and how they could enhance your maritime data solutions and analytics.

We recently published a handbook including applicable templates comparing technical criteria that we share with our customers to support their evaluation of forecast quality and provider offerings. Download it here: How to Choose Your Weather Forecast Provider handbook.

Accurate and Agile

We take an agile approach to our roadmap at Spire and evolve based on customer needs and industry trends. Weather visualizations can be challenging which is why at Spire we offer full support with our data. The goal of our precise, regularly updated forecasts is to help our customers operate more efficiently and save on their costs. Our maritime data can help you select the most efficient route for fuel use, avoid storms, and time port arrivals to avoid waiting to berth. Spire Weather for Maritime can offer customers the choice of short range (24 hours) and medium range (7 days) forecasts. We also offer wave bundles if needed.

Let Data Tell the Story

Our data tells many stories about a variety of industries. Here, Spire Weather data tracks precipitation that causes delays loading and discharging grain. With our forecasts you can know what the weather has in store for you and plan accordingly. Our maritime data tells stories, week to week at the busiest grain ports in the world. Download this story and free sample today

New, Premium Data Samples

Spire also offers industry-focused, premium data set downloads. These data samples are tailored to specific industries – oil, fishing, dry bulk, container, and liquid gas vessel tracking. Our premium data sets are an easy way to experiment with our data and see first-hand the impacts data and predictive analytics can have on your business. Contact us for more information about our data, services, and resources, we’re always happy to help.

Truly Global Coverage

Spire Weather has collected a record-breaking 10,000 + global RO profiles a day with vertical coverage. Global, reliable, flexible, innovative are essential values we want to offer our customers. Global coverage means weather information is homogeneously collected from a large number of locations all over the globe, including oceans, which results in a better understanding of the evolution of weather conditions and better weather predictions.

Easy to Use and Comprehensive

If your forecast data is difficult to access or integrate, it will impact your costs, it’s not going to be used as often as it should and it won’t have a big impact on your operations. Spire Weather for Maritime delivers advanced numerical weather forecasts through an easy-to-use API which plays well with our Maritime AIS APIs. We can customize your maritime data and your weather forecast data so you receive only the data you need to achieve your business goals. Uncluttered data that’s easy to access and backed by Spire’s engineering team is a promise Spire makes to all of its customers.

Staying connected is critical to businesses. Not all products come with an SLA (Service Level Agreements) for service availability, and only some are fully resilient (99.9% uptime). This means that there may be temporary downtime in your service. Spire Maritime for Weather never has down time which means we’re always here to make sure you stay ahead of the challenges caused by weather.


We are constantly innovating. Most commercial weather forecast providers use similar data sources and don’t own a global weather observation network and therefore produce similar forecasts without much variance. Spire Weather for Maritime has a unique understanding of the maritime industry which allows us to offer maritime data and forecast data from API’s that are designed to work together. Consolidating all of your Maritime data needs from one provider simplifies the collection process for our customers and allows us to solve very specific use cases for our customers.

Would you like to learn more about Spire’s weather services for maritime customers? Contact us today.

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