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Using our API, you can run queries by MMSI, vessel name, call signs, AIS class type (A or B), vessel type, and more, making them ideal to develop applications that integrate vessel tracking and maritime information.

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Featured case study

Transparent shipping of perishables thanks to AIS tracking data

Dockflow combines real-time temperature data with accurate location tracking through AIS data to provide the perishable goods industry with greater transparency.

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Why data is not a commodity

Data has long been called “the new oil” and while both data and oil fuel productivity, that’s really where the similarities end. From sourcing to storing – data is a vastly different fuel than oil.

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Vessel Tracking & Analytics: The value of AIS today and tomorrow

The uses for AIS data have flourished recently making AIS much more than a tool for collision avoidance. AIS data is now used to provide transparency in shipping, track global commodities, and more.

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Maritime data solution captures 20% more global terrestrial data

We are excited to offer Maritime 2.0 to the maritime community. This new solution offers superior data quality, fewer duplicate MMSIs, and many other features.

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Beta Begins: New solution delivers improved performance, quality, & innovation

Our new offering, Maritime 2.0, reduces duplicate MMSIs from 20% to 1%.

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Radio Occultation in less than 500 words

In this mini-blog, we’re taking a look back at how radio occultation (RO) was created and how these remote measurements contribute to building better, more accurate forecasts right in your backyard.

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Three ways we make maritime data actionable

At Spire Maritime we always keep our customers top of mind. So, when we launch our new solutions, we like allowing our customers to test drive them, without any pressure to purchase. We are currently offering a free trial of Spire Analytics.

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Six ways historical data is used for offshore planning and construction

Offshore infrastructure is increasing and there is an increasing need to manage climate risk when planning, building and operating them.

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