Why we’re going to Space-Comm Expo (and why you should be there too)

With its strong and growing presence in the UK, Spire is excited to be taking part in this brand-new event, which will bring together a broad spectrum of organisations involved in the commercialisation of space for business, defence and aerospace.

After more than a year of virtual conferences, events, and meetings, we are really looking forward to showcasing Spire global data solutions and space services face to face at Space-Comm Expo. This event is being held at the Farnborough International Exhibition and Conference Centre on 7 and 8 July.

Spire in the UK

Spire is proud of its strong presence in the UK. Since 2015, our principal manufacturing site has been at Skypark in Glasgow, where we design, build, test, and operate our satellites. We chose Scotland because of its talented workforce, supportive environment, and strong industrial ecosystem in the European small-satellite value chain.
Since setting up in Glasgow, we have launched more than 100+ satellites as we continuously grow our constellation and introduce new and innovative technologies. This year, in order to meet the growing demand for our services, we are moving from our existing 11,000 square foot facility to a 29,500 square foot space, also located in Skypark.

Shaping the Future Space Industry

The UK is well-positioned to take advantage of changing space industry, with opportunities in areas such as Earth observation, internet connectivity, data services, robotics, and low-cost access to space. Spire is thriving and growing as a key player in the UK space industry – which has trebled in size since 2000, outperforming the global space economy.
Ambitious plans are already in place to increase the UK’s share of the global space market from 6.5 percent today to 10 percent by 2030: here at Spire, we believe we can play a key role in helping the UK government achieve this vision.

Partnerships for Success

Our long-term partnerships with the UK Space Agency (UKSA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), across multiple programmes and initiatives, are empowering us to lead nanosatellite innovation and pioneer new technologies and services. Since 2018 we have worked closely with ESA throughout the ARTES Pioneer Space Mission Provider programme with co-funding support from UKSA. Through this three-year programme, we have undertaken multiple technology validation missions and launched more than a dozen fully operational demonstration satellites, allowing us to develop and test a diverse set of advanced satellite technologies and payloads and rigorously test our “Space as a Service” offering. Thanks to these capabilities and offerings, we now successfully serve a range of customers, launching new technology and applications in areas such as space debris monitoring, weather prediction, and disaster prevention, and testing innovative communication applications on small satellite platforms.

Working in partnership with UKSA and other UK public stakeholders and commercial organisations has also allowed us to advance in the field of space-based Earth data techniques such as the use of GNSS Radio Occultation to collect atmospheric data used to improve weather forecasts, or demonstrating new remote sensing technologies such as GNSS reflectometry. Recently, in collaboration with UKSA and ESA, we have been pioneering high-performance computing capabilities and intersatellite links on a nanosatellite platform in order to reduce data latency.

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Spire at Space-Comm Expo

We are really excited to be participating in Space-Comm Expo at Stand E13 in the Small Satellite Zone and are looking forward to face-to-face networking following the challenges of COVID-19. The event will provide a long-awaited opportunity for our team to meet with our partners, industry counterparts, and customers and share all the latest developments.
We will also be taking part in an interactive Space-Comm side event. Hina Khan, UK Stakeholder Engagement and Senior Project Manager for all UK activities involving government, academic and institutional partners, will be participating in a round table organised by Inmarsat and hosted by Ben Colton from Inmarsat Government Strategic Programmes. With a panel made up of industry and government representatives, the debate will explore ‘New Space Technology’ and will take place from 15:00 to 16:00 BST on 7 July.

Meet our Team at Space-Comm Expo

Image of Dr. Hina Khan

Dr. Hina Khan

Hina leads on Spire UK stakeholder engagement with government, industry, and academic institutions. She has a Ph.D. in Space Science and has worked in organisations like NASA GFSC, ESA ESTEC, MSSL as well as some leading universities.

With over 25 years of experience working across the space sector in the UK, Hina has well-established credibility in space research and knowledge transfer. For Spire, Hina manages a large portfolio of technical programmes with the European Space Agency. She also represents Spire on the Scottish Space Leadership Council and works closely with UKSA and Scottish Enterprise to maximise Spire’s presence.

Image of Tom Greig

Dr. Tom Greig

Tom is a Business Development Executive within Spire’s Earth Intelligence and Space Services team. He is responsible for engagement with new and existing customers in civil agencies across the UK and Europe.

Tom has worked in the European space industry for over 10 years, primarily in the domains of Earth observation and space science. He also supports the activities of the UKspace trade association and is chair of the EO Committee for 2021/2. Tom has a degree in astrophysics and a Ph.D. gained through research into semiconductor imaging devices.

Image of Naziyah Mahmood

Naziyah Mahmood

Naziyah, the sales engineer for Spire Earth Intelligence, works with the Spire engineering and business teams to deliver and enhance our data provision operations, primarily for radio occultation, space weather, and GNSS reflectometry data sets.

With a background in astrophysics and aerospace engineering, Naziyah also has experience in space mission analysis and design and Earth observation. As a STEM Ambassador, with a focus on equality, diversity, and inclusion within the sector, she works to break down the many stereotypes related to women in STEM, and especially those from BAME backgrounds.

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7-8 July, Farnborough International

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